In Australia, subsidised (low or no cost) HIV medicine is provided to people eligible for a Medicare Card or if their country is listed within the Reciprocal Health Care Agreements with the Australian Government.
For this list of countries visit Health Care for Visitors to Australia (external link)

People living with HIV (PLHIV) in NSW who are not eligible for Medicare or if they do not have a Medicare card include:

  • overseas visitors living with HIV (working, studying or holidaying in Australia) whose country does not have a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with the Australian Government
  • migrants (refuges and humanitarian entrants) to Australia who have applied for permanent residency
  • migrants, asylum seekers to Australia who are ineligible for Medicare

For these PLHIV it can be costly to access HIV medication.

Positive Life is available to offer information and support to ALL people living with HIV in NSW, whether you are Medicare eligible or not. We offer safe, free and confidential support.

How can I access HIV medication?

If you are travelling to Australia and have not organised a supply of HIV medication this can cause delays to your access to treatment.

It is recommended you arrange your medications prior to arriving in Australia by one of the following options.

1 Reciprocal Health Care Agreement

If you are already living in Australia you can access your medications by one of the following options.

2 Import your personal HIV medication (from your home country)

3 Import from an online chemist

The following options are available under extenuating circumstance and cannot be a guaranteed option. If you rely on these options, care and management of your HIV could be interrupted or delayed:

4 NSW Health Clinics

5 Clinical Trials

6 Compassionate access

View these options on one page here

pdfDownload a Printable Resource: ‘Accessing HIV Medication for PLHIV without Medicare’

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