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  • The chemist in my small country town of Manilla (northwest of Tamworth) is more than happy to supply me with my S100's. They actually enjoyed the experience of connecting with new suppliers and continue to treat me with dignity. I can now get all of my medications in the one place.
  • Docs Mega Save Chemist in Newcastle has agreed to supply me with my HIV medication. He told me I'm the second customer to ask. I'm very happy with the outcome as they deliver free as well.

  • It would unreasonable to expect a person living with HIV in a small country town to collect their medications from the local pharmacy, especially in small rural towns. I will continue to collect my medications from the hospital pharmacy in the next nearest town where I am unknown.

  • My partner and I talked to the pharmacists at Blakes Pharmacy last week and they could not have been nicer or more helpful if they tried. they said to give them 2 days notice of the first script so they can make sure that they have the meds in and after that they will be stocked in advance

  • Gold Cross Pharmacy Redfern provided my medications, they were not identifiable by other patrons

  • All chemists should stock medications on request by a patient

  • this is a small country town and people talk. I will stick with the same doctor and hospital pharmacy

  • I prefer to keep my hiv status away from my local chemist

  • I prefer a chemist in the city that i could pick them up during lunch when working as it is hard to get to St Vincents to get this done .. have to arrange time off

  • Bill Warner Chemist in Darlinghurst has been pharmacist for 15 years dispensing my HIV related medications as well as all my heart meds and all other prescriptions over the years. It would be great to just go to him and collect all Meds at one time, instead of going to the Hospital and then to Bill.

  • I like going to collect my medications at Albion Street because whilst there I can collect information relevant to my health care needs.  This doesn't mean that I will always want this situation.  I think in the future if I am not living where I live I would want to collect medications at the nearest convenient pharmacy.

Add your experiences or thoughts here